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Heretics: John Calvin

John Calvin created the false doctrine of Calvinism which has five points that make up the acronym TULIP:
  • T: Total depravity: People are so depraved that they cannot even make a choice to believe the gospel (no free will).
  • U: Unconditional Election: God 'elected' or chose who goes to heaven and who goes to hell before the foundation of the word and people have no choice in the matter.
  • L: Limited Atonement: Jesus didn't die for everybody, only those that were unconditionally elected.
  • I: Irresistible Grace: God forces salvation on those he 'elects.'
  • P: Perseverance of the Saints: Those who have been elected will lead a Godly life until the end.
The truth of the Bible says otherwise:
Article: Calvinists Do Not Know What "All" Means

  • David M. Coe - Beth Haven Baptist Church - Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Fred Phelps - Westboro Baptist Church - Topeka, Kansas